How Auto Transport Works

Step 1

Request A Rate Quote

Contact us online or on the phone.  Provide the year/make/model of your vehicle and the origin and destination. Your transport agent will be able to accurately quote the total cost to deliver your vehicle door-to-door in the time frame that works best for you.  There are no additional fees or taxes.

Zero upfront costs.  We will collect payment once we have contracted with a carrier on your behalf.  We can typically get your vehicle dispatched to a car carrier in 1-3 days.  Cross country transport could take 7-10 days for delivery once the vehicle is picked up.  Payment can be made using all major credit cards or Paypal.  Dealerships and corporations are offered 30 day payment terms.


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Your Vehicle Is Picked Up

We only contract with car carriers who have provided us with a certificate of insurance and who have signed our carrier/broker agreement.  We take an extra step and call the insurance agent on every transport to verify coverage before we allow the carrier to pick up your vehicle.  In addition, Nations Auto Transport carriers a contingent liability insurance policy in the event that the carriers insurance was to lapse during transport.

When the driver arrives, both of you will inspect the vehicle thoroughly and sign the bill of lading.  If you need updates on the status of your transport along the way, your transport agent will be able to contact the driver for an update and pass that information on to you.

Step 2

Step 3

Your Vehicle is Delivered

Your carrier will give the contact at the delivery location a call to provide and ETA for delivery.  Once again, the driver and the contact will inspect the vehicle thoroughly and make sure it is in the same condition as it was at pickup .  If there is anything wrong, it must be noted on the bill of lading.  If not, the carrier could be free of liability.  When the condition of the vehicle is confirmed, you will sign the bill of lading.  You may always call your transport agent if you need assistance. 

About Us

We are a family owned and operated auto transport brokerage located in Kansas City, Missouri. We have been in the auto transport business for over 35 years.  Our beginning was in parking management and valet parking services for hotels, restaurants, clubs, casinos and hospitals. We managed a hospitality services company offering patient valet parking, bell staff, concierge and shuttle services. We got in to the auto transport business in 2008 and have continues to build up our position in the industry.  We offer open or enclosed auto transport services nationwide to individuals as well as corporations. Our transport specialists care about your car and our reputation.  You will be provided personal and professional services with a skilled transport agent.  You agent will review your specific transport needs and provide an accurate rate quote that will ensure your vehicle is moved securely and in a timely manner. Our rates are competitive, it’s our service that stands out.

All of our agents work remotely from various locations throughout the USA.  Click Here to view contact a team member.  Do you know anyone looking for a career in the auto transport sales industry.  Have them send a resume to [email protected].  We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team.

Types of Transport

What is enclosed auto transport?

Enclosed car transport is where your vehicle is moved inside an enclosed trailer.  This type of transport adds additional protection for your vehicle from weather and road debris.  It is the chosen car shipping option if you are moving a high-end, classic or luxury car. Enclosed auto transport cost more than open auto transport, sometimes as much as 30-40% more.

When should I choose enclosed auto transport?

Choose enclosed auto transport if your vehicle is an investment and you are concerned about weather or road hazards having contact with your vehicle.  This option is also used by individuals and businesses who want an extra layer of protection from theft or who's vehicles have a low ground clearance and need a lift gate to safely move the vehicle on to the trailer.

What is open auto transport?

Open auto transport is the most common type of car transport service. Open auto transport car carriers are more readily available than enclosed car carriers and cost less. Open car carriers can move more vehicles than an enclosed carrier.  Depending on the equipment our carriers have the capacity of up to 10 cars at one time.

Why should I choose open auto transport?

If you are trying to keep the cost down, you will want to use open auto transport as it is typically 30-40% cheaper than an enclosed auto transport.  Over 90% of the car haulers on the road are open carriers, so your vehicle is likely to get picked up quicker.  Most car dealers use open transport even with brand new cars.